Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa

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A whistleblower is a person who discloses information regarding actions that are unlawful, illicit or against public interest, that he/she has witnessed, especially in the context of his/her work. By disclosing this information, whistleblowers take the risk of facing reprisal from those who are alleged of wrongdoing.

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How we help whistleblowers

PPLAAF provides the following services for whistleblowers, NGOs, media and governments:

Secure Communication

Send us information and documents through our secure website, encrypted messaging service, and hotlines in French and English. Find out more on our Send Us Info page and our Tech page.

Legal Assistance

Our network of local and international lawyers can help you safely report crime and corruption, and protect you from retaliation. We can defend you against legal actions even if you do not have financial resources.

Media Assistance

We can direct your information and documents to an investigative journalist at a trusted publication. We have partnerships with media outlets throughout Africa who will produce quality articles based on your information and protect your identity.

Advocacy and Research

We advocate for strong legal rights and protections for whistleblowers by engaging with elected officials and policy-makers, and developing policy and research materials on whistleblower standards and practices.

Featured Posts

Press Releases and Featured Posts

Press Release: South Africa: Public Monies, Private Gain

A potential golden handshake for a questionable CEO a public company managing billion in public pensions.

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La sombra de Lumumba, esta vez, contra la corrupción

Jean Jacques Lumumba, un sobrino-nieto del icónico político congoleño, era un prometedor empleado de banca, hasta que lo arriesgó todo para denunciar una trama que dio origen a un gran escándalo

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Press Release: Why should whistleblowers be protected?

Today, in Africa and around the world, more than ever, citizens are becoming aware of the extent of the dark powers of the powerful over their daily lives.

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Africa's Whistleblowers: ‘All I Did Was Tell the Truth’

Those who denounce corruption face hardship and physical danger even when there’s a legal framework that should protect and guarantee them a fair hearing.

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Press Release: DRC/Dubai: New port project tainted by corruption charges

PPLAAF reveals whistleblowers revelations of negotiations between the DRC government and Dubai Port World

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